Best Places To Go at Kuching Sarawak 2020. This is a simple post about travelling to Kuching. Which is a place you should pay a visit here. You can bookmark this post as your reference in future as you step your foot on this Borneo Island. If you wish to ask me anything related to Kuching's City. Do drop your question on the comment section below. Kuching is a capital city of Sarawak. Kuching has named as City Of Unity. That's because, people at Kuching really live in harmony despite of different races and religions among them. At here, it's kinda odd or seems to be impossible for us to witnessed the sound of HONK. We never use our car's honk unless there's situation that lead to an accident.
Tebingan Sungai Kuching. Kuching Waterfront. 

For those who would like to study Sarawak Language you may search on my blog, belajar bahasa Melayu Sarawak.

Tune Hotel Kuching Bersebelahan dengan Hilton Hotel
Hotel Budget Around Kuching. 
Modern world, I am a local. So, I don't really have experience on staying any hotel around Kuching. So I can't suggest you on that. What you can do is, you can search of Trivago list of budget hotel around Kuching.

Mee Kolok di Kedai Kamek
Best Places To Eat At Kuching Sarawak
Norms of Travelling, trying the local dishes is a must. What is a must try food here? I suggest to have a try on Kolo Mee and Laksa Sarawak. So far, the best Kolo Mee that I have try is Kolo Mee Mom's Laksa and Kolo Mee Haji Salleh. You can search on your waze. The name of the restaurant. Don't forget to pay a visit on My Village Barok. Nasi Ayam Penyet. 

Best Places to go at Kuching Sarawak. And It A Must. 
So here is a list of a must go place to visit at Kuching. If you at Kuching, make sure to rent a car, have a nice internet data for waze. Using a Grab doesn't really worth it. Because Kuching city is just too big, and the attraction places to visit is far from one and another. So here's the list. 
  1. Muzium Kuching DBKU ***
  2. Jong's Crocodile Farm ***
  3. Kampung Budaya (Terletak Di area Damai Central) *
  4. Damai Central (Damai Beach, Santubong) ***
  5. Muzium Sarawak (Next to Hotel Merdeka Palace) ***
  6. Waterfront Kuching, Musical Water Fountain and Golden Bridge. (Recommend To Go Here at Night) ***
  7. Bako National Park (Entrance Fees and Transportation) *
  8. Semenggoh Nature Reserve ***
  9. Fairy Cave & Wind Cave (Di Bau, A Bit Far From Kuching) ***
  10. Annah Rais Hotsprings & Bidayuh Longhouse ***
  11. Kedai Kek Lapis & Ikan Terubuk Masin (Somewhere at My Village Barok) **
  12. Pasar Serikin (At Lundu, Far From Kuching) **
  13. Tasik Biru (Far From Kuching) **
  14. Kubah Ria Komplex (Variety of local food you can have here) ***
  15. Taman Sahabat (A bit like Chinatown) ***
  16. Borneo Highland *
Those list that I put *** on it mean that place is really a must to visit. The place is really unique and the entrance fees was not that expensive. I love to do travel with low budget. 

For those who love to do Hiking Activity. Best mountain to climb is Gunung Santubong. A bird's eye view of Kuching Sarawak can be seen on the summit of the Gunung Santubong. Go to my blog and search for Gunung Santubong for more detail. 

Thanks for reading.